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We HAVE PARTNERS in the UAE and China where yachts can receive professional workmanship carried out by skilled teams under the leadership of qualified and experienced supervisors and managers from all over the world.

Due to lower labour costs in this part of the world, the work can be completed at prices that are considerably lower than those offered in Europe, making the UAE or China a very attractive location for yacht owners requiring refits and servicing.


​Formula 1 race

Yacht owners with vessels in Europe may wonder why they would want to bring their yachts to the UAE for work; after all what is there to do here? The UAE is now famous for its major, international and glamorous sporting events. In November each year there is the Formula 1 race week, which attracts thousands of spectators from all over the world. Yachts arrive from all parts of the globe and congregate in the fashionable “Yas Marina” to watch the races. This is also a very popular time for yacht charters, with suitable yachts commanding very high charter fees.


Dubai World Cup,

In spring each year there is the culmination of the horse-racing season, the Dubai World Cup, with the highest purse in the racing world and a day to equal Ascot.

Major tennis and golf tournaments

There are major tennis and golf tournaments, which attract all the top international players in these fields as well as many other international sporting events of every kind.

As well as being well worth attending, these occasions also provide the opportunity for charters for those owners who regularly offer their yachts for charter.


Luxury exhibits at the annual Dubai Boat Show

In between events, owners can take advantage of their yachts being in the area and have refits or services carried out locally by professionals at attractive overall prices. For owners looking to sell, then once refitted in the UAE, the Dubai Boat Show in spring is an excellent showcase for all kinds of luxury yachts with potential buyers coming from all over the world to make purchases.

After the yachting season

After all works are carried out to complete satisfaction, then ….. well ….the world is open!!!! Yachts can set off for cruising or charters in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, or further east to the many islands around Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.


We can offer a fully comprehensive range of services, removing the need to deal with multiple parties and so provide a single point of contact for luxury yacht refit and repair projects as well as servicing and maintenance works. We know who the most professional and organised yards and contractors are to approach for the specific work for each project. We understand that not everyone has the same requirements and that each yacht has to be looked at as "individual". For example, when dealing with work on a classic wooden sailing yacht we would then engage  qualified shipwrights with the necessary experience in carpentry/woodwork in order to make sure the work is carried out professionally. This way we always find the "right man for the right job".

Once we have the necessary requirements and specifics for a project, we can put a package together and have everything scheduled before the yacht even arrives in the UAE or in China. This way minimises the loss of sailing and/or charter time and maximises project completion within the shortest time frame.

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