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​We are the only international operational Yacht Project Management business that focuses on yachts and projects in Europe or elsewhere that have  been put on hold before starting (detailed engineering drawings in place) halted during construction or even abandoned altogether. We specialize in finding clients who want to invest into an existing yacht project, which is for sale at a price that is well below the amount already invested, and sell on after completion, thereby making a healthy profit. Alternately, some clients may wish to take advantage of these "below value yachts" and after finishing the project either keep the yacht for their own private use or charter it out and so make substantial returns on their investment in an alternative way.

Investment Example​


At the moment there is a great opportunity to purchase a 40% completed vessel at a price which is substantially below the amount already invested into the yacht. The yacht can then be finished according to the interior designs already in place or changed to accommodate individual taste. Once complete the value (sale profit) of the vessel will be very much greater due to the savings made on the purchase price.

Time to complete Yacht: approx. 1,5 Years

Buying cost: approx.:                                                             25,000,000                                    
Completion costs: approx.:                                                    60,000,000                                 
Transport costs:                                                                          600,000                                      

TOTAL OUTLAY:                                                                    85,600,000                                  

Possible SALE PRICE:                                                       150,000,000                                  



The approximate total to purchase and complete the vessel to luxury standards would be EURO 85,600,000 (subject to currency fluctuations)

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